‘Birds of Prey’ bites the dust with $ 33.7 Million Debut, DC’s Worst Opening in a Decade!


The box office got terrible amazement this weekend as Warner Bros./DC’s “Birds of Prey” has fallen well short of expectations and posted a $33.2 million opening weekend from 4,239 screens.

The new film featuring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn was expected by trackers to at the minimum compeer the $53.5 million opening weekend of “Shazam!” a pre-summer release with a similar production budget of marginally under $100 million.

Warner Bros. was anticipating a progressively true-blue $45 million beginning. Reception for the film suggested that ” Birds of Prey ” ought to have effortlessly made that target, holding an 83% Rotten Tomatoes score with a B+ on Cinema Score and 4/5 on Postrak.

In spite of that the film, which should have a solid beginning from February, isn’t launching, and will now need solid legs throughout the following weeks to make any sort of profit.

A breakdown of the cinema score demographics may give some insight: the highest score came from viewers under 25 who appraised the film a higher-than-normal evaluation at A-. But the film’s R rating has kept those younger viewers from turning out altogether – viewers younger than 18 are accounted for only 14% – and unlike other R-Rated hits from WB like “Joker” and “It,” reception and from older audiences wasn’t sufficiently able to compensate for that loss.

Warner Bros. has a strong 2020 slate to help them overcome this disappointment; But those films will not come until summer, starting with “Scoob!” in May and followed by “Wonder Woman 1984” and “In the Heights” in June and Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” in July.

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