Chhapaak Review: Deepika Padukone-Vikrant Massey’s powerful acting

Chappak movie

Deepika Padukone’s film Chhapak is releasing on this Friday. How is this film and why should you watch it, know in our review.

In this country … No, it is not easy to be a girl in this world. How many things we face every day, many of which we hesitate to talk to anyone about things. We all have different fears in our minds every day. Do not go out in the evening, wear clothes and many other things are either said to us or we ourselves start thinking.

You do not know what is going to happen to you. Everyone feels scared of rape, every girl. But the thing we pay less attention to is an acid attack. With the appearance of someone, this misdeed has spoiled their entire lives, with so many girls in our country. One such girl is Laxmi Agarwal, inspired by her life, director Meghna Gulzar has made her film Chhapak.


The story of the film Chhapak is heart-wrenching. This is the story of Malti Agarwal (Deepika Padukone), who is attacked by acid. Malti’s entire face is burnt and her life is devastated. People’s suspicion goes to his boyfriend Rajesh (Ankit Bisht), but Malti’s not guilty Rajesh but his knowledgeable Bablu aka Bashir Khan and his relative Parveen Shaikh.

19-year-old Malti comes forward to help her father’s mistress Shiraz and his lawyer Archana (Madhurjit Saraghi). Archana fights Malti’s case and works hard to get her justice. At the same time, Malti meets Amol, who is leaving his journalist job and running an NGO to treat acid attack Survivors. Malti and Amol work together and fall in love.

Apart from Vikrant and Deepika, the rest of the film’s actors Ankit Bisht, Madhurjit Sarghi with Devas Dixit and other supporting actors have done a great job. Apart from this, the work of real-life acid attack survivors Ritu, Bala, Jeetu and Kunti, who are the heroes of the film, are also good.

This film makes you feel a lot of things, in which fear is the biggest. Along with this, it also works to open your eyes, how a disgusting crime like an acid attack is happening even today and how many girls’ lives are being ruined. You will not be able to stop your emotions after seeing the splash. So you must watch Deepika Padukone’s splash!

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