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Deepika reached JNU, but what did she say?

Deepika in jnu

Deepika reached the university campus around 7:30. She stood among the students gathered there for a while and before leaving, she met Aishi Ghosh, the president of JNU Students Union, who was injured in the attack on Sunday evening.

Deepika did not address the students and teachers who had gathered there, but the pictures of her which have gone viral on social media, have given a clear message.

Enraged by Deepika’s decision, many people are writing on social media that they will not see her upcoming film ‘Chhapak’.

Some BJP leaders have also appealed to boycott Chhapak with #BoycottChhapaak.

But the number of people on social media is more who are supporting this decision of Deepika. #ISupportDeepika is among India’s top Twitter trends on Wednesday morning.

On Tuesday, Deepika was in Delhi to promote her film Chhapak. During this time she talked to many media groups.

Deepika was asked that ‘at this time in many universities of the country, we are seeing an open demonstration against the government. Many film stars have spoken to Babaki on this. What is your view on this? ‘

In response to this, Deepika said, “I said what I had to say about this two years ago. When the film Padmavat was being released, at the time that I was feeling, I had said it at the same time. Now what I I see, I feel so much pain. This pain is because what people are seeing, they should not accept it as normal. It should not become ‘new normal’. That anyone can say anything and nothing will deteriorate. So scared too And suffering too. I think that is the foundation that our country, then it is definitely not. “

Swara Bhaskar, Taapsee also criticized the attack on students in JNU campus

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